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Her First Apartment

It’s been nearly two years since Olivia walked through the front door of Harmony House. And today, she has the keys to her own. Olivia will be the first to admit, it wasn’t easy but she is quick to say, the hard work was worth it.

One of my favorite scriptures says, “A wise man falls seven times and rises seven times.” I often tell our young people, everyone falls, even wise men. But the wisdom comes when we choose to rise again…and again….and again.

Through all the ups and downs, setting goals, following rules, chores, curfews, setting more goals, personal responsibility, community accountability, work, budgeting, saving money, one step at a time, Olivia learned, grew, and met her goals.

In all the falling and rising, Olivia chose each time to rise again and try harder. She celebrated the wins, counted the losses, and learned from both. Olivia is right, the hard work is worth it.

This Saturday we will be celebrating Olivia’s graduation at Braking Cycles, where she also graduated the Apprenticeship. These are the moments we celebrate, cherish, and pray for.

“I am very thankful for Transitional Youth. This program has changed my life.” Olivia

Thank you for investing in Olivia’s life.

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