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What We Do

Reaching homeless youth on the streets of downtown Portland with the love of God and practical necessities for survival. It starts with a meal and builds into a relationship that honors their value and offers hope for a life beyond the streets.

Image by Sean Benesh

Fortify House – Wilsonville, OR – Serving males 18-24. This home is for young men at a variety of different starting points in life that provides opportunities for learning self-sufficiency, education and career exploration.

Ritz Family Ranch – Yacolt, WA  – Catering to young families ages 18-24, this country side home provides a peaceful escape from urban life. It offers a secure environment where families can bond, access essential resources and guidance for a fresh start, fostering the development of vital life and parenting skills. 


Vida’s Ark – Vancouver, WA – Serving females 18-24 – This home provides a haven for young mothers and their babies, who have been displaced and are in need of support and services necessary for a new healthy start that leads to life and parenting skills, as well as education and vocational training.

Harmony House – Happy Valley, OR – Serving females 18-24. Opening November 2019. The girls in this home will be working with rescued horses in job skills training as well as exploring entrepreneurial endeavors. 


Braking Cycles is a non-profit coffee and bicycle repair shop, under the umbrella of Transitional Youth, established to celebrate what makes Portland most beautiful, raise awareness in what is darkest, and utilize the tools at hand to create a platform of healthy opportunity for the marginalized youth of this great city. 

Braking Cycles is committed to offering hope and tangible services that will provide youth a place and opportunity to dream, reach, and achieve.  We believe this is where healthy self-sufficiency can become the new cycle.

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