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Tools or Traps?

Transitional Youth began serving youth on the streets in 1991. Over the past 31 years, thousands of young lives have been impacted. We have witnessed some youth gain the traction they need to break the cycles of destructive patterns, while others we have witnessed continue on in cycles that keep them entangled in destruction.

31 years ago, “homelessness” looked very different than it does today. What once was covert and hidden, is now on every city street corner, in every alleyway, and side street. Has the need changed? Or has it just grown?

We believe that every human being was created for a purpose, and unless we are speaking and investing in that greater purpose, we very well could be contributing to the enemy’s plan… to steel, kill and destroy.

In order to serve these young people in the way we are truly supposed to, we have to ask questions that will rattle us to our core, and challenge us to love them into health and wholeness. Are we offering tools out of the systems that keep our young people trapped? Or is our “help” offering them true hope and real ways out? If we aren’t asking these crucial questions, we very well could be perpetuating the very cycles that leads to destruction, rather than freedom.

At the core of our mission we believe we are called to steer our young people away from the systems that entrap them, and steer them instead, toward the truth of their identity; they were created for so much more than holding a sign, sleeping in an alley, or living a life tethered to government programs. Not only does this “tethering” destroy them, it contributes to the destruction we see growing around us everyday.

To be honest, the battle is overwhelming and daunting at times. As systems that entrap our youth, grow, so do our prayers and resolve to serve these young people with the love we would serve our own children with.

Friends, we need you. We need your prayers, first and foremost. We need your belief, we need your support, and we need your courage to stand with us on the front lines before this Goliath.

We know God’s promises are the same today as they were then. And we believe, just like then, this giant will come down. We have seen it happen time and time again, as one young person at a time, takes those first courageous steps to freedom.

Thank you for standing with us.

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