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They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is a reminder for us, at Transitional Youth, what Christmas truly is about. At first glance, it’s a bit of an unusual picture, isn’t it? A man, covered in tattoos, holding a toy car? In order to see the worth of these “thousand words”, you have to look a little closer, and spend a little more time getting to know him, hearing his story, sipping hot coco and decorating a tree together. To see what we see, you must look past the dirty hands and tattoos, past the scars and the bruises. Do you see him? This sixteen-year-old boy who had never received a Christmas gift before this day, now holds a small remote-control car, his first toy, and he cries.

“John” is one of the teenagers we have had the honor to serve. Like so many others, he was in disbelief of the gift, the time, the love. And while it may be simple to us, these small tokens are rare treasures to them. Wrapped in a lot of love and saturated in prayer, these moments become part of a new journey for our teens and young adults. They begin to discover their worth; that the gift of Jesus and a new beginning is for them too. This picture is indeed worth a thousand words… and we believe, priceless.

As we reflect on all that is precious in this season, we want you to know our sincerest appreciation toward you and all you do to invest in the lives of these young ones.

God bless you this Christmas Season!

Rhona Mahl

Executive Director

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