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Reaching Youth Before They Reach the Streets…

A very common thread woven throughout the lives of the youth we serve, is that most have spent years in the foster care system, and more often than not, many homes and placements. This is why we have made extra efforts and investments in the lives of younger children and youth through our apprenticeship program at Braking Cycles (serving youth as young as 14) and our community outreach. This summer we celebrated six new apprentice graduations in our job training program, and provided 100 kiddos and teens with new shoes, backpacks and school supplies.

Helping with some of these efforts this summer was Karsyn, an extraordinary intern from PSU. Please read her own words here…

“This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to intern at Transitional Youth. During my time with Transitional Youth I was able to work with the girls at Harmony House, creating relationships with them through personality testing, working in the garden with them at Echo Ranch, cutting lavender together, art days and movie nights. I feel honored to have heard their stories and been a part of their journey's for a short time.

My "project" during my internship was organizing a school supply drive that would bless foster youth and students in need in the Portland area. When I first began interning I was told that many shoes and backpacks had previously been donated, and we wanted to be able to fill the backpacks and give them to those in need. Through collecting school supply donations at four different locations (churches and businesses) we were able to fill 85 backpacks with various school supplies for different ages of students. The back of my car was FULL of every school supply you could imagine and I pray that they are able to bless students this year.

My time with Transitional Youth opened my eyes to the work that God is doing in every corner and crevice of the world and the way that He works through people, whether it be through the work they are doing, the donations they give, the prayers they lift up, or the stories they share. God truly works everything for good for those who love Him!”

Thank you for helping us reach kids, teens and young adults where they are at, and

If you know a young person in need, please reach out to us at

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