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Pacific Lifestyle Homes Helps Enhance "Home" at Vida's Ark

This past week, Vida's Ark has been transformed thanks to the time, hands and hearts of the Pacific Lifestyle Homes team. Their choice to dedicate volunteer hours at our young mamas' home has made all the difference in the world for these young women and their babies.

We all know the wear and tear that happens as life happens in our homes and

property. Multiply that by many as young moms and babies simply do life in this old house they call home. Weeds grow up, hedges need trimming, faucets leak, dishwashers break, interior paint becomes drab and worn, and basic maintenance often times seems to go by the wayside as the busyness of life goes on. This is why we are so appreciative of this amazing team of volunteers as they came in with their yard tools, paint brushes, and elbow grease, ready to work and make the most of every minute!

One of the things that was even more beautiful than the work and time they put in, was their attitudes, smiles, and eagerness to serve. This team has decided to come back every month to help with the basic maintenance of this home. While they may consider it a few hours out of their day, we consider it a tremendous treasure that can’t be measured.

Thank you Pacific Lifestyle Homes and your outstanding team! Your investment is so greatly appreciated!

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