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April Showers Bring May Flowers

How many times have we heard this phrase? I wonder if “April Showers Bring May Flowers” was coined to remind us that the rain will eventually pause, and bluer skies are coming. Or perhaps it’s to remind us that each season brings its own unique purpose.

As we enter into May, and we begin to see the flowers blooming all around us, I can’t help but take in a deep breath of gratitude to finally feel the sun, and see the blue sky. You too?

The timing of these blue skies and radiantly colored flowers are perfectly aligned with some other reminders of the “May Flower promises”, as we leave the “April Showers” behind for another season.

Just like the unique seasons bring an ebb and flow of difficulties, dreary days that seem to have no end, and a longing for the sunshine, so do the days and months in each of our houses. Our home missionaries and café staff can testify of this firsthand! And so can each of the youth who have fought through difficult and dreary day to gain the skills, hope, work ethic and resolve it takes to grab hold of a new life of healthy self-sufficiency.

So, what are my “May Flower” reminders? This week I had SEVEN former residents/apprentices reach out at different times to connect…

“Maddy” reached out to share she needed to find a church that would understand her journey of recovery. We found several she is looking forward to visiting.

“Jeff” reached out to share he has decided to get his Masters in psychology so he can work with young people like him. He just graduated with his bachelor’s, two months ago, and is already well on his way to making an impact in this world.

“Bree” reached out to share her Facebook memory of her graduating from our girl’s housing. This was her one-year anniversary in her new apartment, and a full-time job she loves.

“Tiff” reached out to send me her little girl’s latest school picture. We have celebrated every birthday with her and her little one. Tiff reminded me her birthday is next week!

“Anna” reached out to ask if she could participate in our Independent Living Program. Even though she isn’t at the house any longer. She has come to understand what being a part of the family of God goes far beyond a house or program.

“Dylan” came by Braking Cycles just to say hi and to tell me he got a new job. Even more precious still, is that he wanted to encourage another apprentice he met when he was in the program.

“Chase” reached out to simply say “thank you, I’m helping lead others in recovery, and I love you.” I saved Chase’s update for last because just a few years ago, Chase was on the streets, so addicted to Meth his frail body had been ravaged by the effects of drugs and the life that goes along with it. Today, Chase is set free, healthy, strong and leading others to sobriety. Chase is a reminder that no “April Shower”, no matter how dark or fierce, is more powerful than the love and reach of God!

These moments, my friends, are our May Flowers! I pray in this season, we will be reminded there is always hope!!

Thank you for investing in the lives of our teens and young adults. Your gifts help makes these stories possible.

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