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An Unforgettable Summer Day of Fun and Baptisms

Summer was kicked off right as Transitional Youth Residents, Braking Cycles Apprentices, and Staff, all participated in a lake day hosted by Anchors (OA) Outdoor Adventures.   


Anchors OA is a nonprofit that facilitates youth outdoor adventures, from learning to waterski, paddle board, kayak, and so much more. 


As Residents from all five homes gathered together, along with apprentices from every shift at both cafes, many youth across our programs were meeting for the first time.  There were many firsts that day; first time on a boat, first time on a wake board, first time in a kayak, first time fishing, first time being in such a big group and facing fears that would have typically lead to isolation.  So many beautiful moments! So many fears were conquered, so much fun and joy experienced, and so many new goals set! 


The highlight of the day came as the boat, kayaks, and paddle boards were put away, the youth and staff gathered quietly on the grass beside the lake, and two of our girls from Harmony House courageously stepped into the water to be baptized.  The girls had expressed the desire for baptism as they gave their lives to Christ weeks earlier. There was no question, THIS would be the perfect time and place for such an amazing event. Rochelle, our Cafe Manager from Crossroads gave a message of salvation, and Naomi, our Girl’s Program Manager lead the girls into the water to be baptized.


As the other youth witnessed these young ladies make the decision to be baptized, many were moved to tears and inspired to be bold in their faith as well.   An unforgettable day of new beginnings. 

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