About Us

Photo by Rob Schultz

Our Mission

By providing outreach, support and housing to homeless and at-risk youth, we seek to transform both hearts and lives through compassion, guidance and the grace of God.

Our Vision

To present at-risk and homeless youth the opportunity, and help them cultivate the skills, to build healthy, productive and happy lives.

Value Statements

  • Every at-risk and homeless youth is valued and loved by God; we are called to love and value them all.
  • Spiritual nurture and growth are critical factors for permanent, positive change. Every at-risk and homeless youth should have the opportunity to discover and grow in God’s purpose.
  • The local church is central to God’s plan of redemption and, therefore, is the wellspring from which all ministry flows. At-risk and homeless youth will be encouraged to participate in a healthy, loving, local family of believers.
  • Ministry is relational. We will provide opportunities for youth to hear, obey and grow in God’s call to help them discover and grow in a deeper walk with Christ.
  • Ministry is giving. At-risk and homeless youth have a need to serve as well as to be served, to give as well as take. We will continually seek opportunities for youth to work and to contribute to the church and to society as a whole.
  • Ministry is love. As we model unconditional love, homeless youth discover God, see a true picture of themselves and learn effective life and leadership skills.
  • Further, we believe that at-risk and homeless youth are at a critical juncture for change, for better or worse. Therefore, it is our task to present Christ, who can permanently and positively change lives.

We help transform young hearts and lives by

  • Serving more than 10,000 meals annually through Braking Cycles Outreach, Portland.
  • Operating three fully-staffed residential home programs.
  • Providing a sense of home many have never experienced before.
  • Helping youth to secure full-time employment and move on to independent living.